Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did you drop out of high school?

There are many reasons that students drop out of high school. But, the bottom line is, we - the establishment, have failed our kids!

Life has become very complicated for our young people. But, the establishment has not changed. Any student who is not able to figure out how to fit in, or make it work, has been blamed for causing their own problems. The system has not examined itself, been held accountable or taken responsibilty to adapt to student needs.

The following has been taken from a bulletin posted September , 2007 by Alliance for Excellent Education: retrieved January 7, 2009.

Over a million of the students who enter ninth grade each fall fail to graduate with their peers four years later. In fact, about seven thousand students drop out every school day. Perhaps this statistic was acceptable fifty years ago, but the era in which a high school dropout could earn a living wage has ended in the United States. Dropouts significantly diminish their chances to secure a good job and a promising future. Moreover, not only do the individuals themselves suffer, but each class of dropouts is responsible for substantial financial and social costs to the communities, states, and country in which they live.

What can be done for these kids?

Ken and I have started a totally online school, Christina International High School. We have responded to the need for an alternative educational system delivery that makes each individual a priority. All you need is access to the Internet and a desire to learn.

CIHS offers full curriculum for Middle School, and High School including AP and Credit recovery.

CIHS also offers a number of Adult Programs with allows adults to finish their high school course work and earn a regular diploma or a high school equivalent diploma (best suited for adults over 25 years of age).

I will work with each student and parent. You will not just be a number or name on a roster. I will design a plan to meet your educational goals and I will work with you to achieve them.

For more information about our programs, accreditation, technology requirements and other stuff, please go to

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